I believe we are all very powerful and resilient and all we need to do is tap into our internal resources to transform our lives into what we want it to be. I help you make your life a priority and tend to those things that are standing in the way of your happiness. I help you regain your values and all you stand for so you find your true north. When we do this we become empowered to believe in ourselves, we make our relationships thrive and our dreams manifested. The most difficult of problems have solutions if we only pay attention to them and address them. Be proactive.

We are constantly changing whether we like it or not. Make changes in your life with intent...choose what you want to change and how... and take your life fulfillment to a whole new level!” Lucia Fernandez Silveira, LMFT

Lucia Fernandez Silveira, LMFT

Founding Director/Psychotherapist


Lucia Fernandez Silveira, LMFT has been in private practice almost 30 years and is the Director of the Coral Gables Counseling Center.

Mrs. Fernandez Silveira is a graduate of the University of Miami and is a Florida Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Mrs. Fernandez Silveira’s expertise is in helping people learn to love themselves so that their lives begin to look the way they have always dreamed of. She particularly enjoys seeing relationships grow to a whole new level of connection, love and intimacy, even after significant trauma such as infidelity.

She loves helping families find their way back to having communication, and positive healthy relationships. growth and prevention are staples in her practice as she believes we should not wait to have problems to go to therapy, rather be proactive in addressing our issues so that we have the tools to create a beautiful life for ourselves. Having worked for 12 years in the Department of Psychiatry at Miami Children’s Hospital and been in private practice for so many years, she has extensive experience working with children, adolescents, families, and couples.

She works closely with other professionals in the community such as physicians, nutritionists, counselors and teachers to better help the individual. Mrs. Fernandez Silveira is also a certified clinical supervisor, a family mediator and a parent coordinator in the State of Florida. Mrs. Fernandez Silveira’s expertise lies in the treatment of depression, anxiety, eating disorders, ADHD, relationship and parenting issues. Her goal is to provide clients with the necessary tools for their personal, spiritual, and professional transitions in life.