I believe that individuals have the power to heal from past traumatic events and change their lives. I am the facilitator in that process that supports, guides, and nurtures by creating an atmosphere of safety and trust. I do this by building a therapeutic relationship where clients feel comfortable and confident in addressing difficult topics. Through the power of EMDR many of my clients have discovered that not only are their therapy sessions productive and insightful; but they don’t have to suffer for much longer than they already have. The process of EMDR creates the biological change that needs to occur in the brain. Once this occurs individuals begin to see their lives from new perspectives.

Mirta Pont, LCSW

Certified EMDR Consultant


Mirta Pont is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Certified EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) therapist. She obtained her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Social Work at Florida International University. Mirta’s early training was with the University of Miami’s Center for Family Studies where she participated with the University’s research projects related to Hispanic families and adolescents in the prevention of substance abuse and HIV. In addition, she is an EMDRIA approved consultant in EMDR, the organization that oversees the training and certification of EMDR therapists worldwide.

Mirta Pont was employed with the Miami-Dade County School System for 17 years as a TRUST Specialist. Her expertise was in implementing prevention programs targeted to promote academic excellence for students (ages 11-16) with a focus on substance prevention. She worked with students and their families in both, English and Spanish.

Mirta is currently practicing out of the Coral Gables Counseling Center. Her specialties are assessing, diagnosing and treating a variety of issues, specifically: early childhood trauma, PTSD, phobias, substance abuse, anxiety and depression. Mirta works with clients struggling with addictions. She uses Cognitive Be-havioral Therapy (CBT) and integrates EMDR interventions to help clients stay sober.

Mirta believes in treating each individual with respect and empathy, creating a safe environment and developing a relationship of trust. Her goal is to assist clients in obtaining a better understanding of their problems and empowering them in making adjustments and decisions in their lives that will produce better outcomes for them. She is on various insurance panels.