Back to School from a Grandmother’s Point of View – My Second Chance

Coral Gables Counseling Center - Wednesday, August 22, 2018
By Emy Fernandez, MBA, Life Coach

Life and Heath Coach

As we approached the start of a new school year, I was excited. Excited because it was time to spend time once again with my grandson shopping for uniforms and school supplies. 
Raising my kids as a single mom I was either focusing on working to make enough money to feed and educate my kids or focusing on disciplining, caring and loving them. As a result, I couldn’t see past my nose.
Years later, as the kids grew up and became adults, I couldn’t help but wonder where the time went and wishing I had pressed the PAUSE button. Today, instead of having full and complete memories and recollections, I’m left with memories of moments in time of my kids growing up.
Almost 11 years ago I got my second chance when I saw my grandson come into this world. Grandparents have a special gift. We have a “do over.” We are given a second chance to enjoy time with our kids’ kids. 

While the shopping for “back to school” with my children was hurried and hectic, with my grandson I make it a special event. 
We begin early in the morning, stopping by the uniform store first then we move on to buy the supplies. We end the day with a nice lunch. During this time neither of us are on our devices. Instead we truly enjoy each other’s company. I take advantage to discuss the upcoming school year and what awaits him. He in turn, checks in regarding my job, my tennis games and how I’m doing. And then he tells me about his latest tennis tips and strategies – a game we both share together.
I always advise young parents to remember to pause amidst the busy, hectic life of raising children and savor the moments with them. I was very lucky and got my second chance with my grandson, but not everyone gets their “second chance.” Take advantage of today.