Celebrating our Wins and Losses

Coral Gables Counseling Center - Wednesday, January 04, 2023
By Emy Fernandez, MBA, Life Coach

Now that we turned the corner into 2023 and before we continue moving forward, let’s take a minute to pause and reflect on 2022.

As a coach,
I am all about moving forward – not getting stuck in the past;
I am all about bouncing forward – not bouncing back; and
I am all about moving forward on our goals – not sitting on them.

But, pausing to reflect on 2022
allows us to first evaluate our wins – what went well; and
allows us to then evaluate our losses – what could have gone better.

Being intentional about recognizing and celebrating our WINS
reminds us to put it on rinse and repeat;
leads us to create bigger wins later;
motivates us to move out of our comfort zone; and
helps grow belief in ourselves and our work.

Being intentional about recognizing and celebrating our LOSSES
leads us to our wins – without losses, there are no wins;
teaches us what to do differently so we can make changes;
makes us wiser; and
allows for growth.

I then end my reflection on 2022 by asking myself one final question.  “What do I want?”  We move quickly from day to day, from goal to goal, from calendar to calendar, without asking ourselves this question.

The end of the year gives me the gift I need to do so – “What do I want?”



What do I want?