Clarity Vision ??

Coral Gables Counseling Center - Wednesday, July 29, 2020
By Emy Fernandez, MBA, Life Coach

2020 – the year of Clarity and Vision…but really?

On January 1, 2020, I declared my word of the year: Purpose. Everything I was doing in 2020 would be with purpose both in my business and personal life. Clarity Vision Purpose. Yes. This was it…this was the year!

To mark the year of Clarity and Vision, my daughters, my sister, my nieces and some of our girlfriends called the New Year in on January 4th with Oprah’s event, “2020 Vision for Connection and Clarity.” The nine of us between the ages of 23 and 61 – Youth and Wisdom – together – joined at the American Airlines Arena.

Clarity Vision ??

Miami was showing off its beauty, hope, and energy that day. Inside, Oprah gets physical starting off the event with Daybreaker, the morning energy dancers. Thousands of people, of all ages, jumping, dancing, stretching, laughing, hugging, and screaming. From then on it went from great, to greatest to the best. We finished the day with dinner. It was magical.

The perfect start to 2020.

Then 2 months in – the world is hit with a pandemic and civil unrest all at the same time. What???

It has taken months to settle into the new World of 2020. We’re still working on adjusting, as the medical and science community continue taking care of the sick and looking for a vaccine.

Some of us have experienced sickness, death, and economic losses. Others have grown personally. Others have grown their businesses. Others have raised their voices for social justice, while patiently teaching those of us, that want to understand and do better.

All while Mother Nature has been undergoing renewal as fewer of us are on the streets.

Today, I reflect on the last 6 months.  The words of the year instead have been Positive and Negative – where was Clarity, where was Vision, where was Purpose?

Notwithstanding the confusion with the numbers, notwithstanding the confusion with the news, notwithstanding the confusion in the world, for me, there was a pause.

A pause which has allowed me the Clarity, the Vision, and the Purpose I was looking forward to on January 1st.

oprah event with friends

I miss my daughters, my grandson, Jaden, and my nieces who all tested positive for COVID. It’s been a month since I last saw them, as they quarantine.

I miss my regular Friday afternoon snack time with Jaden, at our favorite bakery. He shares the latest on school and I share the latest on my business.

My husband, a chef, was furloughed.

As a recent cancer survivor, I’ve been staying away from most of my family and friends.

I miss my girlfriends and our dinner nights.
I miss my regular tennis games.
I miss my regular manis and pedis.
I miss my regular hair appointments.
I miss my regular facials.
I miss my regular massages.
I’ve been spending more time with my son, his wife, and my other grandson, James.
Jaden and I have been having our Friday snacks virtually.
While furloughed, my husband and I were able to spend quality time.
I’ve had more time to work on my personal growth.
My business has grown.

Chalkboard with thankful and grateful on it

I appreciate my time with my girlfriends now, more than ever. I’ve learned not to take anything for granted.

My nails are not done and it’s OK.
My hair has grown and you can see my grays and it’s OK.
I’ve learned how to do my facials and it’s OK.
My husband is now my massage therapist and it’s absolutely OK.

I’ve learned that Clarity is not immediately clear.
I’ve learned that Vision is not immediately visible.
I’ve learned that Purpose comes with living and experiencing what life brings.

Last night I watched Michele Obama’s documentary “Becoming.” She was asked: “How do you transition to get back on track to your normal life that you had before.” She said: “Get back on what track? It’s a whole new track. There’s no going back. It’s just all different and it’s different forever. So it’s not getting back on track, but it’s creating my next track….”

So I leave you today with this: What of the next 6 months?

Find your Clarity, find your Vision, find your Purpose. There’s no going back. It’s now all different and it’s different forever.  FIND your next track, CREATE your next track, and LIVE your next track.