Coach Thought of the Week: Belief

Coral Gables Counseling Center - Monday, November 07, 2022
By Emy Fernandez, MBA, Life Coach

If you believe in yourself, anything is possible!

This is one of the positive affirmations circling in social media today.

Yes, if we believe in ourselves, we can move forward and grow.
Yes, we can reach our goals, whatever they are.
Yes, anything becomes possible with belief.

But, what if we don’t?
What if others believe in us more than we do?
What if the belief isn’t there?

What then??

stairs going up

Many of us look around for proof so we can believe in ourselves.
We ask others if they think we can accomplish our goals.
We lower our goals thinking this will help us reach them.
We look around to see if anyone else has accomplished the same goals.
We work on being around others with the same goals.

But, the belief doesn’t come from the external world around us.
The belief doesn’t come from asking others.
The belief doesn’t come from watching others.

The belief comes from us.
It comes from our thoughts.
It comes from opening our minds to what is possible.

The good news is we control our thoughts.
The work is being intentional about what we think.
The work is bridging the gap between our old beliefs and our new ones.

When my clients are looking to make changes in their lives but are having a hard time doing so, some of the thought errors are “I’ve always been like this” or “This is who I am.”  These thoughts close out any possibility of building belief and changing.

Below are some thought prompts to guide you to a place of belief.

  • What are you thinking now that is not working for you and you want to change?
  • What do you want to believe instead?
  • Make a list of the actions you must take to believe the new thought.
  • How are you going to put it all into action so you can begin believing the new thought?

And, when the old thought creeps up, remind yourself you are no longer the person that believes this.  And keep bringing yourself back to the present and the future you that now believes differently.  If you continue thought correcting, it will eventually become an automatic thought.

But it always starts with you opening yourself up to the possibility of change and new beliefs.

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