Coach Thought of the Week: Busy v. Soo…Busy

Coral Gables Counseling Center - Monday, April 17, 2023
By Emy Fernandez, MBA, Life Coach

sometimes we’re busy;
sometimes we’re very busy; and
sometimes we’re not.

chair with pillow life is a gift.

Being busy is a good thing.  Regardless of whether you own your business or not.  It’s always good when businesses are doing well and “we’re all busy.”

There are days we are very busy compared to others.  Holidays may tend to be slower for some businesses and not for others.  Summers may be busier for others, or the fall may be the time when your job or business is the busiest.

Likewise, we may have the busiest life when our kids are out of school or when our significant others are in the middle of big deadlines at work. For example, a “big grading period” for teachers, “tax season” for accountants or “trial deadlines” for attorneys.

Many of us move around lamenting we are “sooo… busy.”  Even if it’s true, this thought only leads to overwhelm and eventually burnout.

Whatever your life looks like, knowing the ebbs and flows it has can assist you in planning and having a beautiful, sustainable lifestyle without the overwhelm and burnout.

What if instead of thinking “I am sooo… busy,” we think “I’m busy today,” or “This is going to be a busy week.”

What if we accepted the fact that sometimes we are going to be busy – and that’s OK?

Suddenly your life goes from overwhelm to “Life is Good!”

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