Coach Thought of the Week: Change – Part 1

Coral Gables Counseling Center - Monday, May 23, 2022
By Emy Fernandez, MBA, Life Coach

Are you looking for a change in your life?


Life is made up of the following eight Pillars:

  1. Relationships/Friendship
  2. Finance
  3. Home Environment
  4. Career/Business
  5. Spirituality
  6. Health and Wellness
  7. Family
  8. Personal Growth/Educational

If you must make a change begin by checking in. From 1 to 10 (10 being the highest), where do you stand in these eight Pillars of your life?

After you check in, begin working on the area with the lowest rating; eventually, the work will flow into other areas. For example, if you feel anxious or overwhelmed, the work in the health and wellness pillar may lead you to work on your career and business.

Now that you have checked in to your Life Pillars, in next week’s Coach Thought of the Week, I will give you recommendations on doing the work to get you to the changes you want.

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