Coach Thought of the Week: Happiness

Coral Gables Counseling Center - Monday, November 14, 2022
By Emy Fernandez, MBA, Life Coach

Happiness is the “state of just being happy.” But how do we just “be happy” when life is 50/50? 50% good and 50% bad.

We’ve heard thinking positive thoughts will help us. But do we just think positive thoughts and all of a sudden, we’re happy?

dog with happy sign on top

The work is not just thinking positive thoughts but also believing them. Thinking of them is not enough. It may help at the moment, but it won’t be sustainable for us long term.

So how do we get to this “state of just being happy” long term?

Our happiness comes from us internally. It comes from finding our state of happiness regardless life being 50/50.

The problem is that many of us look for happiness externally. We have thoughts like,

  • “When I lose weight, I will be happy.”
  • “When I win the lotto, I will be happy.”
  • “When I find someone and get married, I will be happy.”
  • “When I find a job doing _____________, I will be happy.”

When we depend on the external world for our happiness, it will be fleeting because we can’t control the external world. The good news is if we can control our thoughts and feelings we can also control our internal happiness.

But, what about when we lose someone we love, when we lose a job we needed, when we lose someone to divorce?
What about when the 50% bad kicks in?

Then, we allow ourselves to cry, we allow ourselves to be sad, and we allow ourselves to mourn; knowing that when we’re done, we still have the choice to be happy. This transition back to the 50% good in life is what creates the belief that we can be happy despite those moments when we need to give ourselves a minute.

If we can find our place of happiness despite what is going on around us, that is when we have truly hit the jackpot.
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