Coach Thought of the Week: Life Balance

Coral Gables Counseling Center - Monday, August 15, 2022
By coralgables_admin

Many of my clients come in stressed because they can’t find their Work-Life Balance.  As much as they try, they can’t seem to get both to balance out.

The problem is if you try to balance everything in your Life with just Work – Life will always lose.

girl balancing suitcases

Is it beneficial to find a balance?  Sure.  But Work must be included in the Life equation.

And, since Life is 50% good and 50% bad, it may never completely balance out.  There may be days that one area of your Life is great and days that another may not be as great.

When you feel off, I recommend you check in on the following 6 Life Spheres:

1) Mental Health and Mindset
2) Physical Health
3) Spirituality
4) Intellectual and Personal Growth
5) Family and Relationships, and
6) Career/Work/Financial

and adjust.

But, we can instantly reduce our stress and anxiety just by eliminating the idea that to live a full and perfect life we must find the elusive “Work-Life Balance”.  It’s OK if our life is not completely balanced and perfect all the time.

We can still enjoy our life now – with its imperfections – instead of missing out waiting until it’s perfect.
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