Coach Thought of the Week: Work-Life Balance

Coral Gables Counseling Center - Monday, January 24, 2022
By Emy Fernandez, MBA, Life Coach

More and more of us are looking for work-life balance.  The problem is that, in our search for the elusive work-life balance, our stress and overwhelm and notebooks

Is it possible to achieve a work-life balance?  Yes – in a perfect world and, therein lies the rub – we don’t live in a perfect world.

we look for the perfect job that offers work-life balance,
we look for the perfect morning ritual at home,
we look for the perfect night ritual at home,
we look for the perfect scheduling platform,
we look at others thinking they have the perfect work-life balance and wishing we had what they have.

We look, we wish, we look, we wish, and on and on…adding to the stress and overwhelm as we search for what does not exist.

life is not perfect
life is 50% good
life is 50% not so good.

Some days everything at work will be perfectly balanced, while our life might not be so perfectly balanced.

Other days everything at work will be off-balance while we achieve the perfect life balance.

And other days the stars align, and we have a perfect work AND life balance.

Does this mean we leave it to the stars to create our work AND life balance? No. We take action to create the balance at work AND to create the balance in our life.

We create boundaries at work;
We find that morning ritual that works for YOU;
We find that night ritual that works for YOU;
We find that scheduling platform that works for YOU;
We look at others and hope they have found a balance in their work AND life that works for THEM.

Let’s not stress and feel overwhelmed over chasing something that doesn’t exist.  Instead, let’s put that energy into creating and living OUR best life possible.

Yes, we should be intentional about creating a life we love but, there is a possibility that today may not go as we planned.  And, that it’s OK because life is 50/50 so, tomorrow it may.