In addition to the Mental Health practice at Coral Gables Counseling Center, we also have a Coaching practice. We feel that offering both gives our clients more options to choose from depending on their needs and life circumstances..

What is coaching and what is the difference between therapy and coaching you ask?


Therapists are archaeologists “encouraging awareness of past injuries in order to promote insight and healing.”* Therapists are trained to move clients from their past to the present so they can live a more fulfilled life.

Coaches are architects. They work with clients “on untapping present possibilities in order to link click nowhave a peek at this web-sitephone case with picture awareness to action”* – moving their clients from present crossroads and inaction that may be holding them back in building or rebuilding the future they want whether it be in business, career, or life issues in general.

* Coaching versus Therapy; Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research Fall 2001

Emy Fernandez, MBA, is our Life and Wellness Coach. She works with ambitious professionals and entrepreneurs on their mindset and lifestyle to scale their careers or businesses.

Having worked in the legal industry for 30+ years in a variety of capacities, Emy is also in a unique place to work not only with professionals and entrepreneurs but specifically with attorneys on their legal practices.

For more on Emy you can visit her at

Cristina Nicole Fernandez, Esq. is our Divorce Coach. She is a family law lawyer with over ten years of experience. Cristina works with clients, regardless of the current path they’re on in their relationship. She meets them where they’re at – pre-divorce, divorce, or post-divorce and works with them on any roadblocks they may be encountering.

As a Divorce Coach, she helps clients understand the divorce system. With her guidance and assistance, she helps them make the best possible decisions for their particular and unique situations. She works with them on defining their goals so she can best support and motivate them.



If you find yourself at a crossroad, call us for a consultation with Emy or Cristina at 305-445-0477. Our Client Coordinator will guide you through the intake and scheduling process.