Eating Guilt Free Through the Holidays

Coral Gables Counseling Center - Tuesday, November 17, 2015
By Emy Fernandez, MBA, Life Coach

Life and Health Coach

With the end of the year holiday fun, also comes stress. We stress over catching up on work before taking time off, we stress over party planning, we stress over gift giving, and on and on….

But, the holidays are also a time for family, friends and rest in spite of the stress. It’s how we choose to handle these stressors that make a difference in how we enjoy our holidays.

One of the things my clients stress over unnecessarily is the eating, thus keeping them from actually enjoying the “dance.” It’s how we live before and after the “dance” that make the difference.

So what steps can we take during the week before the party in preparation?

  1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate…water, not coffee or liquor, is our best friend! Water keeps hunger at bay, detoxes the body and clears the skin.
  1. Detoxification – enjoy leafy greens and fruits…there will be plenty of opportunities during the party to enjoy other foods like meat and sweets.
  1. Make time for movement! Time off from work does not translate to time off from movement too. Get yourself moving. Something as simple as a daily brisk 45 to 60 minute walk is enough to get your heart pumping and the calories burning.
  1. Make time for a little TLC – get in those massages, manis and pedis.
  1. Don’t “starve” yourself before the party. Eat some protein and fiber during the day.
  1. Look forward to being present for your friends and family not the food.

Finally, balance is everything. 0 Deprivation = sustainability.

By incorporating these six tips, you can enjoy the party and the food. The foods during the holidays don’t define how you live day in and day out the other 360 days out of the year.

Living a truly healthy life is not about restriction or deprivation. A truly healthy life comes from the foods we choose to eat, the “movements” we choose to incorporate into our lives, and the relationships we choose to build on a daily basis

So go out there and have some fun!

Emy Fernandez has a Masters in Business Administration. She is a Life and Health Coach with the Coral Gables Counseling Center. Emy works with people looking to lose weight, by educating them on their eating habits and assisting them in making a lifestyle change. Contact her now to schedule your free “Path to Wellness” consultation., office: 305-445-0477 and cell: 786-623-8344.