My Journey Around the Sun

Coral Gables Counseling Center - Wednesday, November 30, 2022
By Emy Fernandez, MBA, Life Coach

Yesterday was my 64th birthday.
It was a nice day.
It was an ordinary day.
It was a perfect day.

Picture of Emy with grandkids

I woke up with a beautiful sunrise.
I had a great cup of coffee in my favorite coffee cup.
I spent a fun day with my two little grandsons and my son.
I received beautiful birthday wishes throughout the day.
I saw clients at night.
I closed my day with a new client.
I went home.
I waited for my husband to get home from work. And,
I went to bed after thanking God for my perfect, ordinary day.

Today is the start of the next 365 days before my 65th birthday. And it got me thinking.
How can I make the next 365 days count?
What are my intentions?
And, what do I want to accomplish?

Do I want my 65th birthday to be nice, ordinary, and perfect again?  Maybe – I mean, it WAS a perfect day.

But, I want my journey there to be EXTRAORDINARY!

Quote of the Week

“To live a full, happy and healthy life is to live life not in deprivation but in joy.”  inEmy Fernandez, MBA, Certified Life and Executive Coach