Nurture & Grow A Healthier Self

Coral Gables Counseling Center - Wednesday, September 11, 2019
By Sunny Khachatryan

Licensed Mental Health Counselor & Doctor in Psychology

Self improvement starts within. Working towards increasing self-awareness is an essential step to self-improvement. Awareness is the pathway to personal growth. Maintaining a level of self-understanding and self-compassion, you will be ready to work constructively to improve your life. Be gentle with yourself.

Accept yourself! All people are inherently flawed. Regardless of your struggles, weaknesses, or perceived flaws, you are no less and you are lovable as you are. Be empathic and compassionate to yourself.

Choose realistic goals that are meaningful to you by creating an action plan. Take baby steps and keep track of your successes. Practice positive-self talk and be mindful and self-aware of your progress towards growth and change. Growth is an evolving process. Our potential of growth, change, understanding, & awareness is endless. LOVE YOURSELF!

What 1 realistic goal with 3 action items can you set for yourself now to move you forward lovingly in your growth?