Coming Out

In this episode, Veronica Sanchez, LCSW and Gabi discuss “coming out.” They describe the wrong way and the right way to come out from both point of views, the person coming out and who they’re coming out to.

Although Veronica and Gabi discuss this topic as mental health providers, Veronica also speaks from personal experience.

This episode is for anyone that is caught between the LGBT and non-LGBT community, or just has a friend or family member they want to understand more.

Veronica is a therapist at Coral Gables Counseling Center. She works with the LGBTQ community.  You can schedule an appointment with her by calling our office at 305-445-0477.

You can visit both Veronica and Gabi’s pages at:

Gabriela Reyes, RMFTI

Veronica Lucia Sanchez, LCSW


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