Gabriela Garrote, MD on Child Obesity

In this episode Dr. Gabriela Garrote, pediatrician with Gables Pediatrics, discusses child obesity with Emy and Gabi. In this rich episode, Dr. Garrote explains how she works with parents and children on developing good eating habits from a very early age. She shares statistics and information on child obesity. Dr. Garrote also includes tips on how to discuss food with your kids and how to handle mealtime with “picky” eaters. This episode is great for parents with kids of any age.

Dr. Gabriela Garrote
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Following are the resources Dr. Garrote mentioned: American Academy of Pediatrics’ parenting website. It has great evidence-based information for parents but the Nutrition information is in the section on “Healthy Living.” This is a great nutrition resource for parents. It teaches parents how to make healthy choices for their kids and has a great tool for teaching portion sizes. It even has an App “MyPlate.”

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