It’s Not a Diet – It’s a Lifestyle

In this episode, Emy Fernandez, Life and Health Coach and Gabriela Reyes, MFT, discuss overcoming diet addictions and making weight loss more sustainable so you only have to do it once. They also discuss how it’s not only about the foods we eat but also the way we think about food and exercise. Emy gives tips on how to incorporate small action items everyday in order to live a healthier lifestyle. Gabi talks about her experience when she did Emy’s program a few years back. Emy also discusses how the thinking around weight loss is more important than even the foods that we eat. She also introduces the core elements to weight loss. Emy shares that she doesn’t have a maintenance plan. Whatever you do to lose weight is the same to keep the weight off. Learn how important it is to keep your thoughts positive in order to have positive results.

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