Ketamine and Mental Health

May Nuñez, M.S., LMHC of Ketamine Health Centers joins the cohost of The Counseling Corner, Gabriela Reyes, MFT of Coral Gables Counseling Center.  They discuss the use of Ketamine infusions in the treatment of mental health disorders such as suicidal ideation, depression, OCD and PTSD and trauma in conjunction with talk therapy.  In this episode, May not only explains the admission process, procedure and treatment, but she also gives case examples.  She also describes in detail the staff that makes up Ketamine Health Centers.  Finally, May also explains how she and the rest of the staff at Ketamine Health Centers, work together with the patients’ therapists to bring the best possible continuum of care to patients.

Although this podcast may be controversial to some, especially in the mental health and substance abuse world, as a mental health center we feel it’s important to talk about it so the community, along with their mental health and/or substance abuse provider, can come to an informed decision on treatments available.

Ketamine Health Centers also has a podcast called The Infusion Room.  You can listen to it on Itunes and most other podcast platforms.

For more information or to schedule an appointment for an assessment, you can contact Ketamine Health Centers at: 305-856-9442.  They are located in Coral Gables/Miami, Orlando, West Palm Beach and Weston.  Check out

More information on Gabi, can be found here.

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