Perfect Timing

Gabi and Nicole Herdocia-Oria, MFT dive into the perfect timing conundrum for big life events. When is the right time for life events like dating, marriage and babies? How do we work through the anxieties driven up by pressure from others – and ourselves.

They discuss issues that come up with partners. Gabi talks about her own experiences as a 30-year-old and no current partner. How to deal with the “Where are the babies?”, “Where is the ring?”, “Where is the boyfriend?” questions.

Nikki, as a young mother of two, discusses the pressures of feeling like she has to have more kids and how these pressures in life never end. They also discuss how they also contribute to the “Where’s the ring? “and “Where’s the baby?” discourse.

This episode is for you wherever and whoever you are in your life. And, wherever you are, you will recognize the perfect timing conversation between Gabi and Nikki.

Both Nikki and Gabi are therapists at Coral Gables Counseling Center and they both work with individuals and couples. Also, Nikki works with couples on parenting issues. You can visit their pages on our website at:

Gabriela Reyes, RMFTI

Nicole Herdocia Oria, MS

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