Quarantined at Home with Emy and Gabi

Hi there again! We’ve been gone a few weeks while we learn how to podcast during Covid. We figured out how to do it – even if it’s just a bit scrappy.

Gabi and Emy are respecting social distancing by recording from their respective homes.

In this episode Gabi as a Marriage and Family therapist and Emy as a Life and Wellness Coach offer tips from the mental health, wellness and life perspectives.

Emy discussed a video by Glennon Doyle that was posted by a friend of hers on Facebook, Christian de la Huerta of Soulful Power and an expert on breathwork. Click here to visit Glennon Doyle’s video and click here to visit the Soulful Power official site.

Gabi commented on a video that a friend of hers did on children arts and crafts she was doing with her kids. Below are the Instagram links.

We hope this podcast proves helpful.

Stay safe and until next time, from our home to yours,

Gabi and Emy

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