Bianca Gabay

Bianca is a wife, mother, and passionate professional.

As a registered Mental Health Counselor Intern and a National Certified Counselor, Bianca is focused on mental health care of individuals, families, and communities, where she approaches it relationally. You may be asking what does this mean? As children we learn from the experiences and contexts surrounding us; in our adult relationships, we live out what we learned.

Bianca helps her clients rewrite their narratives in a safe and supportive “container”. As an active collaborator in each session, she guides her clients as fellow travelers, seeking health. Bianca fully respects each person’s unique experience without making any premature assumptions about their history. Her hope through her work is to help her clients lead more fulfilling, genuine, and connected lives both at the individual level and with those in relation to them.  This new way of mindful living might begin with deconstructing the narratives that one lives by and reconstructing a life/relationship that is rooted in healing from the inside out.

​Outside of working with clients, you can find Bianca exercising, dancing, cooking, reading, playing with clay, spending time with her husband, and embracing the joys and challenges of motherhood.

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