Cristina Nicole Fernandez

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Cristina Nicole Fernandez, Esq. is a family law attorney, life transition and divorce coach and yoga instructor (RYT200) who works with teenagers and adults with diverse stories and life experiences.

Cristina is a co-creator of the Tough Love Retreat. The Tough Love Retreat is a place where individuals can gather, who want to heal from previous relationships, grow in existing ones, become better equipped for future ones, learn to love themselves, or to simply improve already an amazing life. Click here for more information about The Tough Love Retreat. 

Yoga Is for Everyone

Cristina is currently offering 1:1 private yoga and coaching sessions. For more information reach out to Cristina at

Cristina’s vision is to create a space where anyone can feel comfortable stepping onto their mat, accepting and meeting their body, mind and breath where they are today with love and compassion.

For Cristina, yoga is not about being flexible or standing on your head, it is about love – about arriving, showing up for yourself, and meeting and loving yourself exactly as you are in this very moment.

Life Transition Coaching & Divorce Coaching

Practicing as a family law attorney for the past twelve years, Cristina has gained a unique insight into the divorce process. She coaches her clients experiencing a divorce to make the most grounded and informed decisions possible throughout one of the most difficult life experiences one can have in their lifetime.

Going through a divorce, like experiencing loss or failure, suffering from an illness, or starting your life over for any reason, good or bad, all have one thing in common. A new beginning. Change.

Yes, change can be scary, but change is also an opportunity – a new starting point for your life, relationships or maybe even a mindset shift. No matter what they may be experiencing in this moment in their lives, Cristina enjoys helping her clients ground themselves and gain perspective on their life challenges, as well as look into the future to create meaningful effective change in their lives.

By envisioning what you want for your life and making decisions and taking actions each day that serve that vision, even through the difficult process of divorce, you can catapult yourself to happiness and fulfillment in your life and in a more meaningful way. Why go through such a difficult experience if you are not going to come out better, happier, stronger? The process of divorce coaching can help clear the “divorce fog”, provide valuable resources and insights into the divorce process, save money on the legal process and most importantly, help get you where you need and want to be in your life.