Dr. Shumaia Rahman, DO, MBA

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Dr. Shumaia Rahman is a medical doctor who treats adults and teenagers for their mental health needs. She obtained her medical degree at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine and is completing her psychiatry residency at University of Miami Miller School of Medicine.

Dr. Rahman was born in Bangladesh, grew up in Philadelphia and has been training to become a psychiatrist in Miami. Living in different parts of the world has allowed her to put the patients’ social and cultural background at the forefront of how she connects with them as their physician. It is her mission to help you achieve mental clarity, inner peace, and overall happiness.

During medical school and residency she has had the opportunity to treat a variety of mental health issues while rotating in different hospitals across the USA. She offers individualized treatment through comprehensive psychiatric evaluation. Treatment plan is established by focusing on a person, rather than a diagnosis. She provides therapeutic interventions such as psychopharmacological medication management, psychosocial interventions including patient education, supportive and individualized therapy, and referrals to alternative modalities of healing as indicated for the patient.

Areas of interest:

Bipolar Disorder
Traumatic experiences
Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorder
Eating Disorders
Student Mental Health
Substance Addiction including Detoxification

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