Jenny Friedman, LCSW

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Jenny Friedman is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who just moved back to Miami (where she was born and raised) after living and practicing psychotherapy in New York City for many years. Jenny received her Bachelors in Psychology from University of Pennsylvania and Masters in Social Work from New York University. She also has a Certificate in the Study of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy from the Contemporary Freudian Society.

Jenny has extensive experience working with teens and young adults of varying diagnoses, especially while working in the heart of NYC. Jenny also has experience working with individuals with sexual abuse history, children of narcissistic and/or Borderline parents, those going through life transitions (graduating high school, starting college, parents going through a divorce, etc.) and those dealing with grief and loss.

Jenny works psychodynamically and incorporates CBT techniques as she sees fit. She has a warm and engaging demeanor that allows patients to feel comfortable with her quickly. Jenny is a reliable and compassionate therapist who is determined to help her patients feel better, understand themselves more clearly and form healthy coping skills so they can lead a more fulfilling and purposeful life.

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