Understanding Our Symptoms as a Guide to Personal Growth

Coral Gables Counseling Center - Wednesday, December 07, 2016
By Kenia Garcia-Pi, LMFT
Symptoms are an essential and continued part of our life. At times, we may experience worry, apprehension, sadness, stress, irritability, and so on. However, we also learn to avoid and fear them. Our symptoms are valuable adaptive mechanisms and they stand as a warning sign to communicate the need to do some adjustments.
Therefore, we must pay attention to them and try to engage in some inner work to understand what we could do to better adjust to our situation. We may have a great amount of tension and stress accumulated. It is important to start by taking time to safely release and vent our emotions so we can be more receptive and open to new insights.
By increasing our self-awareness, we open many possibilities that nurture our personal growth. We may explore and recognize more helpful views and perceptions about us and our circumstances. Also, we can process and thoughtfully choose how to react to what is happening to us. In addition, we may identify and involve in actions that better contribute to our well-being.
As a New Year resolution, commit yourself to self-empowerment by giving a positive connotation to your symptoms and allowing them to guide you in your personal growth. This is a lifetime journey. So, make it a habit!