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How I Can Help You


Having worked in the legal industry over 35 years in a very highly stressed environment, earning an MBA in my late 40s, and reinventing myself in my 50s while working through some health challenges, I can connect with and understand my clients’ needs.



Hi, I’m Emy. A Life and Wellness Coach with Coral Gables Counseling Center. I help ambitious professionals and entrepreneurs, like you, achieve their business and career goals in a competitive market while also making sure that their lifestyle is in alignment with their goals.

If you’re like me and have a history of also working in a highly stressful environment to exhaustion with nothing left inside…day in and day out…know, there’s a much better way. In particular, having worked in the legal industry over 35 years, I have a unique understanding of how to work with attorneys and law firms to create a thriving and sustainable career and business.




I support my clients in their businesses and careers by teaching them how to align Mindset and Lifestyle – strategically navigating their way bestweblinkbest watch replica sitesbeste telefoonhoesjes tegen vallen to a happy and sustainable way of life while scaling their career or business to new heights.

  • Mindset- You’ll learn how to get out of your way by cleaning the thoughts that are holding you back in your business or career.
  • Lifestyle – You’ll learn how to create a happier and more sustainable lifestyle by looking at the other areas in your life as needed such as your relationships, your finances, and your home environment.

Why Work with Me

During the past 35+ years, I’ve worked in most areas within the corporate environment. This experience gives me the insight I need to help you create a sustainable and thriving business or career. Along with the experience I bring, I have an MBA and am certified as both a life and wellness coach.

If you’re struggling in your career, business, or lifestyle choices, I can help. Book a free 50-minute consultation so we can talk. I can be reached at:

emy@coralgablescounseling.com or at my office: (305) 445-0477.