The Importance of Kids Participating in Summer Camp

Coral Gables Counseling Center - Saturday, June 08, 2024
By Ricardo Sardina , LMHC

School is finally ending, and kids are excited that summer is about to begin. Most kids are hoping to stay home, relax with their electronics, sleep in, and simply take a long break doing… well, nothing. As we know, this is not the best thing for them. If kids get their way and stay inactive the entire summer, you should expect the following to occur:

  • unwanted weight gain/loss
  • increased mental health concerns like depression, anxiety, and sleep problems, and
  • let’s not forget social isolation and reduced attention span.

To avoid these from taking place, it is important for children to stay active, and this is where summer camp comes into play. Summer camp is a place where kids can explore new interests, develop physical and interactive skills, and establish new friendships.

This blog will discuss the benefits of summer camp for our kids.

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Building Independence and Confidence
Most kids prefer to stay home because they are in the comfort of their own environment and feel safe. However, remaining home will not teach our kids how to become independent; they need to step out of their comfort zones. They must challenge themselves to step away from their familiar routines of home and school. By doing so, they start to learn to make decisions on their own, manage their daily routines, and take on more responsibilities. This new independence can increase self-confidence as they see what they can achieve on their own without a parent guiding them.

Developing Social Skills
At camp, kids interact with peers from different backgrounds, helping them become part of a team and improve their teamwork skills. These interactions also help children develop essential social skills like communication, understanding, and cooperation. Whether they’re participating in games, playing sports, or simply sharing stories, children at camp learn how to navigate social dynamics in a supportive and structured environment.

Keeping Them Physically Active
In today’s world of screens and digital distractions, it can be a challenge to keep kids physically active. Summer camps offer a solution during the summer break. They provide a great opportunity to keep kids moving with team sports and fun games. Regular exercise at camp not only improves their physical health but also lifts their spirits and boosts their energy, teaching them to have a healthier lifestyle. Most importantly being part of a physical activity helps improve their mood, decreasing depression and improving their anxiety.

Building Friendships
One of the most important things about summer camp is the friendships that kids form. Children start to realize that having friends is not only found in school, but it can also happen outside of school too! Camp teaches them how to improve their social skills, and the shared experiences create a bond between them. These friendships can turn into lasting relationships with peers who share similar interests and values. Social connections made at camp provide encouragement and support, teaching kids how to make friends when they return to school or other settings.

Providing a Digital Detox
In my opinion, this is the most important benefit, especially in today’s screen-dominated era. Summer camp offers the opportunity for kids to detox from all the electronic usage. Many camps have policies that limit the use of electronics. Camps try to encourage children to engage with the real world around them. This detox helps kids begin to develop better attention spans, improve personal skills, and learn to appreciate the present moment. Enrolling kids in summer camps ensures that they stay active, engaged, and socially connected throughout the summer.

The experiences and skills they gain at camp provide lasting benefits that go beyond just the summer months.


“By sending your children to summer camp, you’re not only giving them a fun experience; you’re helping their growth, fostering their happiness, and setting them up for future success.” Ricardo Sardina, LMHC

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