Who’s excited for Christmas?!?

Coral Gables Counseling Center - Wednesday, December 18, 2019
By Nicole Herdocia-Oria , RMFTI, MS

Who’s excited for Christmas!!! Meeeeeee!

Anyone else? …Anyone?

As of late I’ve noted that more and more clients are less enthusiastic about the holidays now a days. So many seem to be wound up and stressed about the holiday madness rather than being excited about it. Long gone are the ideal childhood perceptions of the enchanting lights, music, family, gifts and food… You remember right? The fun stuff.

Seems like our focus as adults tends to be more on Holiday shopping, beating the long lines, the traffic, travel arrangements, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, attending or hosting parties, and ultimately the financial burden and accompanying stress about all of the above.

Phew! When did time away from work become so exhausting??!!!!
Growing up can suck! …. But it doesn’t have to.

So how can we manage and find a way to relax and enjoy?

Well, the way I see it all comes down to time and what we choose to do with it. Time is a commodity so we can either let the stressors of the holidays bog us down or choose to focus on the positive. We can let ourselves become overwhelmed by the smallest of incidents or allow ourselves the time to slow down and delight in the little joys the festivities are meant to inspire.

Another way is to choose to laugh off anything that would normally get under your skin and revel in the pleasures the season can bring. (like when your mom asks: “should you be eating that?” Yes mom, I effin’ should because it’s delicious and my husband likes more cushion for the pushin’ 😊). I just laughed by myself imagining my mom’s face reading this right now. It’s just wonderful. Shhh Merry Christmas!

Embrace your traditions and enjoy every minute. Whether it’s gathering around to light the menorah, singing Christmas Carols or cuddling up to watch Holiday classics like: “Home Alone” or “Die Hard.” The new year Is just around the corner, so it’s important that we return to the daily craziness feeling refreshed and recharged. Make it a point to take time to breath, relax, listen to the music, cuddle, enjoy the lights and eat (yes EAT!)

Choose to embrace the wonderful things and be a kid!

I wish you laughter, great music, delicious food and good times spent with those who matter most. From my family to yours, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Always with Love,
Nikki Herdocia-Oria

How do you slow down during this time of year so you can enjoy instead of fret?
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