Coach Thought of the Week: Job Jumpiness

Coral Gables Counseling Center - Tuesday, January 18, 2022
By Emy Fernandez, MBA, Life Coach

As a Coach and Recruiter, one of the common mistakes I see is jumpy clients. Jumpy because these employees move on to another employer after six to nine months of employment. The reason is usually “more money.”

Very rarely is it because they are not happy.
Very rarely is it because of firm culture.
Very rarely is it because they do not like their job.

pillow that says Shine On

While the move seems like the thing to do to advance their careers, it does not. Instead, jumping from job to job stops career growth. It may not be immediate. They may be able to get away with moving three or four times in a two to three year period, but at that point, employers are no longer willing to bring in a jumpy employee at the risk of losing them within a year. The cost is too high.

If you find your career has stalled because of jumping from job to job,

  1. Pause your job searches and moves; your resume must show a record of job stability to jumpstart your career growth again.
  2. Focus on the current job; you may find that your current employer has a career path for growth for their employees. Give your employer more than a year of your time.
  3. Stop and evaluate your career path; where do you want to be in three to five years. Regardless of what your profession is, know where you want to go. Although it may not seem the career growth will be faster – a straight path always is.

Give your employer enough time to get to know you and the value you bring to the job before you go out looking for grass that MAY be greener than the one in your own backyard.