Taking Care of Your Mind’s Health

Coral Gables Counseling Center - Wednesday, January 22, 2020
By Carolina Pataky, LMFT

& Certified Sex Therapist

When you hear the word health, it is easy to immediately envision things like your weight or a certain physical ailment that you are working to avoid or eliminate. That said, by taking this stance, you are avoiding half of the equation.

I am obviously referring to mental health.

Mental health is about taking a close look at yourself. By this, I mean mental health is about looking at and exploring the thoughts that you have at any point of the day. Most of us have five to ten negative thoughts per day—if not more. When we face this incessant, inner critical voice, our mental health starts to lag. At that point, we are hurting inside and are just trying to get by through life.

Clearly, we need to take some proactive action to get out of that rut.

Think about it. We go to the gym to maintain our physical health. The same is true of our mental health.