No Whining

Coral Gables Counseling Center - Wednesday, January 06, 2021
By Lucia Fernandez Silveira, LMFT

Why no whining? These times have been sad, scary, hard, and uncertain. They’ve been quiet and loud and new and somehow…same ‘ole same ‘ole. Certainly, there is no justification for our whining.

It doesn’t make anything better.
It only makes us feel worse. Helpless.
And it’s toxic.
For you and everyone around you.

Smiley and frowning faces

“Optimists run the risk of being disappointed now and then.  Whiners are always disappointing.” “Whining”

What we have gone through builds character if that is what we choose to do with the hardships the world has gone through.

We are not yet done with the pandemic, but we are closer to the other side. Let’s hang in there a little longer with patience. In the meantime, let’s build resilience, empowerment, creativity, connection.

What we do now is up to us. Our choice. What is in our control to do is to choose how we are going to show up for ourselves and the world from this day forward.

Personally, I choose to :
Be love
Be peace
Be honest

Help others
Help myself

Grow in faith in God.

Be present.
Laugh as much as I want (I think I always do)

And always.
Be true to yourself and others. The world needs us all.

Let’s bring awareness to all that is around us that is amazing.

It’s time to rebuild our communities and reach out to help others….The greatest source of energy that feeds our joy.

Let us be thankful to all that continue taking care of us. Eternally grateful to you all.

To 2021:
Here we come!!!


“I am not what happened to me, I am what I’m choosing to become.”
Carl Gustav JungHEART