Coach Thought of the Week: Creating Your Personal Brand – Not Just for the Business Owner

Coral Gables Counseling Center - Monday, November 28, 2022
By Emy Fernandez, MBA, Life Coach

When a client comes in for career coaching, they’re always a little surprised when I ask them what their personal brand is. Yes – branding is not just marketing for the business owner – it is also for those of you looking for a job or career.

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Looking for a job or a career that aligns with you includes knowing who you are. If you don’t know, how will you be able to find what you’re looking for? After many years of coaching, I find my clients search for a job or a career as if they’re playing the lottery. And, many times, they ask the wrong question – “How much does it pay?”

I get it – salaries are important. But the feeling of satisfaction or happiness from a good salary offer is fleeting. Once that feeling goes away, it’s important that the job or career continues to be satisfying. Even knowing life is 50/50.

This is where I believe potential employees and employers get it wrong. What else is important to the job applicant besides the amount on the check? The result of not knowing is – employees jumping from their jobs after just 6 months leaving employers with a high cost of onboarding and offboarding.

So, when you’re getting ready to hunt for the perfect (or as perfect as possible) job or career, create your personal branding first. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Are you looking for a career or a job? For the purpose of this blog, we will look at a job as going to work to earn a paycheck and a career as looking for something more long-term with long-term goals. One is not better than the other. It just depends on where you are in your life now. You may be going to school and the purpose of the job is to sustain you until you finish. If so, what is your plan when you’re ready to look for a career?
  2. Do you want to manage, or do you prefer not to have management responsibilities?
  3. If you want a management position, do you have the experience? If not, do you have a plan for how you will get the training?
  4. Or, are you just going from job to job without a plan?
  5. What is your dress style? Are you comfortable going to work in “office attire” or are you more “casual Friday” all the time? What do you want your dress style to say about you? When you are looking for a job or career you are selling yourself to a potential employer. What is your packaging?
  6. Are you looking for a position that offers remote, hybrid, or full-time at the office?
  7. Know the value of what you offer so you can sell yourself to a prospective employer. The right question is not “How much does it pay?” The right question is “How much value can I offer?” This will determine your salary.

Once you finalize your branding and you understand what you want, you’re ready to go out there to find your perfect (or almost perfect) job or career.

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