“Is there anything more to life?” The Common Question

Coral Gables Counseling Center - Wednesday, June 22, 2022
By Carlos Escanilla, LMHC

I am so happy to write this for Men’s Health Awareness. In my sessions with men, I have found many of them reach the point of asking the question, “Is this it? Is there more to life?”surfboard

I find it fascinating that this is happening in all age groups. Many of these men have worked hard to achieve milestones (i.e. career, homeownership, marriage, fatherhood, etc). Yet, once they achieve them, they are unsure what becomes of them after.

I commonly hear the phrase, “I love my life, as least I should, but I somehow feel unfulfilled at times.” I have found many of these men don’t realize they need to make efforts to break the monotony they feel their life has become. Here is a simple formula that I suggest to couples, as well as others who are seeking a certain level of connection.

  • Once a day: Engage in a fun, lighthearted conversation with someone. Reach out to an old friend or family member you haven’t spoken to in a while. Be present, keep it fun.
  • Once a week: Have an outing with someone. Whether it’s a lunch, a quick drink, or anything fun that comes to mind.
  • Once a month: Spend an entire day with someone. Don’t be afraid to initiate. Make a day out of it.
  • Once every 6 months: plan a weekend getaway with friends, your significant other, or a group of people.

It’s important to note this is a practice. The positive emotions that are triggered will compound day after day. You will feel more fulfilled and connected. Trust me, it’ll be difficult to label your life as monotonous if you follow this plan. This is essential for our overall wellness.

Have fun!

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