2019 Here We Are – Bigger and Better Than 2018

Coral Gables Counseling Center - Monday, December 31, 2018
By Emy Fernandez, MBA, Life Coach

Life and Heath Coach

January has arrived and with it the beginning of a New Year. With a New Year comes confusion and stress with the popular theme of “New Year –New You.” We’ve all been flooded with emails, blogs, vlogs, and podcasts about tips and tricks for goal setting leading to January.
I’m here to tell you to press the PAUSE button.
There’s no rule or law that says you have to be ready with goals for the New Year on January 1. 
Instead, take the time now that the holidays are over and things have quieted down, to review 2018. Make a list of activities or projects that worked and those that didn’t. Some of the questions you can ask yourself are:

  • How did I do in my self-care?
  • How did I do in my relationships with family and friends?
  • How did I do in my business or career?
  • How did I do in my finances? 

I had lunch with a friend of mine on December 31 and she described it for her as “shedding her 2018 skin” which I thought was a very clear, vivid and dramatic way of “letting go of what didn’t serve her in 2018.”
Whichever way you choose to look at 2018, once you’ve pruned the list of the activities that didn’t serve you, then you’re ready to sit down and create your goal or goals for the New Year. 
Check the 2018 activities or projects that served you and see if you can reuse them in 2019 in a way that meets your 2019 goal objectives.
Now you’re ready to create and calendar the actions you’ll need to take throughout the year in order to meet your goal objectives.
This blog is not a “how to” on goal-setting, there is a lot of information out there from very qualified experts on how to set goals. Do what works for you – there is no right or wrong way.
The purpose of this blog is just to remind you to
 press the PAUSE button now to give you time to settle into 2019.
From all of us at Coral Gables Counseling Center we wish all of you – our clients, friends and community – the best for the New Year! 
Thank you for allowing us to continue going into your inboxes every week with valuable information from our very own providers.


What things from 2018 are you ready to prune or let go of in 2019? How do you plan on “shedding your 2018 skin?”