Teen Stress

Coral Gables Counseling Center - Wednesday, June 14, 2017
By Stephanie Gosset, LMHC

Teen stress is an important issue. The teen years are marked with rapid changes and most teens face stress from puberty, self image, relationships, responsibilities and demands from school and family.

It is normal to have some stress in life and by the way, stress is not always bad. In fact, stress in small doses can help us perform under pressure and motivate us to do our best. The problem is when stress persists at high levels for a long time because it can have lasting negative effects on health. Chronic stress can cause or exacerbate depression, anxiety, pain, sleep problems, autoimmune diseases, digestive problems, skin conditions, heart disease, weight problems, thinking and memory problems to name a few.

Some signs of teen stress are: 

  • Headaches and stomach aches
  • Sleep issues
  • Academic problems
  • Increased irritability
  • Frequent illness
  • Negative changes in behavior
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Negative talk

Some tips for teens to manage stress: 

  • Engage in physical activities
  • Incorporate regular exercise in your routine
  • Sleep, get plenty of rest and eat well
  • Do relaxation techniques such as yoga, meditation and deep breathing
  • Enjoy yourself, have time to play and do things that make you happy such as listening to music, drawing, watching funny movies, reading, writing, etc.
  • Talk to someone; spend time with family and friends

Eliminating stress from our life is impossible, however, implementing some stress management techniques can subdue some of its harmful effects. Managing stress can lead to a more overall positive outlook on life, wellbeing and better health overall.