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Creating Curiosity Around Spirituality

In this episode, Lucia discusses her spiritual path from the time she was a toddler to the adult she is today. She discusses with Emy …

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A Journey into Spirituality

Natalie Ortega takes us through her path of self discovery in her spirituality. She was raised in the Catholic faith however, as an adult she …

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Peace and Love

The Director of Coral Gables Counseling Center, Lucia Fernandez Silveira, joins Emy and Gabi to talk about how we can reduce our stress by bringing …

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This episode touches upon the important subject of infidelity. Lucia Fernandez Silveira, as a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist, has worked over 35 years with couples …

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This episode is about how creating boundaries actually brings people together. We thought it was important to discuss boundaries as more therapists are doing teletherapy …

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Overcoming Your Fears

In this first episode, Lucia Fernandez Silveira, LMFT and Director/Founder of Coral Gables Counseling Center (CGCC) and Emy Fernandez, Life and Health Coach at CGCC …

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